Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Metro Icons for Delphi XE3

In playing around with Delphi XE3 and the new Metro UI wizards, I found I needed a few icons to explore with. After a little searching, I discovered a gem in the free utility MetroStudio.

This application allows you to quickly create Metro-ized icons from either a collection of over 1400 symbols, or even a symbol from a font installed on your machine.
For example, the lightning bolt can be used as a tile:
or as a tool bar image:

I haven't gotten that far into it yet, but another thing I find missing for the FireMonkey version that appears to be an oversight is the lack of a flow layout panel that flows from top to bottom, left to right. The default flow layout panel flows left to right or right to left. Unfortunately this makes laying out a metro style application a manual process, and doesn't easily allow for the addition of dynamic content which would flow appropriately based on screen dimensions.

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