Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sychronizing source code directories

One of the big problems I have faced by using Vista Ultimate on my primary development machines as a host OS for virtual PC development environments has been the fact that Vista Ultimate (and I am assuming other versions of Vista as well) have problems copying extremely large files. It was part of this frustration that led us to develop AngeliaSync, a folder synchronization utility which does an excellent job of maintaining synchronized folders.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and easy to use backup utility, why not give AngeliaSync a try?


Shivan said...

Another tool to synchronize files - but which is freeware - is FSync...

You can find it on my homepage:

Currently it's only german... maybe I should translate it to english ;)

Shawn Oster said...

I've found the best way to keep files in sync is to setup a Subversion repository on a machine that's accessable to all my VM images. Then I just update/commit code instead of worrying about where the latest copy is.

It's dead simple to setup svn and free.

Shivan said...

... finished translation of FSync to english :)

Have fun!